The Company

Drossos Fotios, starting in 1965, he was the first in Greece who engaged with handmade rugs import from orient, mainly from China and Iran.
In 1988,F Drossou sons, keep-on the tradition,in import and disposal of handmade carpets.
In 1992 "Drossos S.A." is established, composing one of first wholesale companies of handmade carpets.

Drossos S.A., owner of showrooms in Thessaloniki and Drama, disposes its carpets in 450 retails all over Greece.
Its permanent network of specializing cooperators in the supplier country, gives to the Greek Market the best selected pieces of handmade carpets.

Each piece of handmade rugs is certified for its origin by a guarantee with the customs clearance number, the country of origin and its quality.

Like wise, high quality services are provided by the service department of Drossos S.A. company connected to the fixing, maintenance and washing of the carpets.

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